Helping Your Student Be Safe Online

  • Learn the "secrets" students already know

    Parents are faced with brand new issues that did not exist 10 years ago. Learn how to keep your students and kids safe online from bullies, strangers and unwanted attention.

  • Step-by-Step Leaving No One Behind

    We walk through each major social media application showing you step by step how to adjust the privacy settings to your own comfort level.

  • Best Practices for Safety

    At the end of each section we discuss our top suggestions to help your student to have the best experience online as well best ways for the parent to monitor their students web activity.

Bonus Material

Learn the alternatives to some of these major platforms for young students

  • Messaging

    Learn the safe alternatives to messaging platforms that allows you to control who your student is allowed and not allowed to talk to.

  • Inappropriate Video Content

    Has your student came across an "inappropriate" video on Youtube? Learn how you can help protect your student from that content plus an alternative that is made for younger children.

  • Made for Parents

    During the course you have the ability to leave comments and chat with other parents concerned with the same topics you are dealing with.

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